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Tough love for convicted rioters; charity does begin at home.

Submitted on Tuesday 16th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Tough love for convicted rioters; charity does begin at home.

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Government should work with charities using money it costs punishing rioters to send them to help the famine disaster and other less fortunate countries. This will open their eyes to true poverty and what England offers. Rioters feel let down, at the bottom of the social and wealth ladder. Two weeks of work may make them reevaluate; teaching them, respect is not a word used to square up to people, it is earned with humility and a productive way to feel good about themselves. Our foreign aid is higher than most countries; we see little return! In hard times charity begins at home. Jointly this benefits our young people as well as the poorer countries. This:
>Rebuild Britain's image; shows we can handle these disturbances positively, we know how to change mindsets, breaking the cycle of destruction, providing looters with an opportunity to do some good
>Keeps prisons from overflowing
>Allows pragmatic, sustainable way forward with planned and staggered punishment

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