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Support our fight to get a visitors visa so we can be a family!

Submitted on Tuesday 16th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Support our fight to get a visitors visa so we can be a family!

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My husband is a US citizen and I am a UK citizen. We filed for divorce 5 years ago but have since rekindled our relationship and want to stop divorce proceedings. We have a 9 yr old son who lives with me in the UK, while my husband lives in the US. We have applied for a visitors visa for him to visit us for 2 weeks, as advised to do so by the Head of the UK Border Agency but this has been denied to us. We are now being threatened that if we don't file an appeal in 28 days, we face a 10 year ban from visits. The refusal is based on us believing we were divorced, therefore engaged to re-marry, a year ago but we now know we are still legally married and applied for the visa as a married couple, and we are being accused of providing 'fraudulent documention', ie, the marriage certificate.

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