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Decriminalisation and taxation of cannabis for personal use.

Submitted on Thursday 4th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: duplicate (see below for details)

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Decriminalisation and taxation of cannabis for personal use.

Additional Information

MPs are to consider:
the potential health benefits and detriments of cannabis;
the status of cannabis as an illegalised substance, relative to legalised poisons such as alcohol and tobacco;
the impact decriminalisation would have on society;
the possibility of legalising, taxing and selling cannabis products from licensed outlets;
whether, if decriminalised, the funding saved prosecuting and policing people charged with or suspected of possession would outweigh the risks posed by said people;
how far taxation, and the monies saved from not prosecuting non-troublesome users, would go in reducing the UK deficit;
and what harm is posed to others by current users, and is a criminal record necessarily what an offender deserves.
It is in the country's interest to legalise, both saving and making money from taxing the drug if sold legally in outlets. It would be fairer to users, who risk prosecution and a criminal record for smoking the drug as part of their everyday life.

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This petition was rejected

The Government e-Petitions Team gave the following reason:

There's already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue.

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