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Introduce a variable motorway speed limit

Submitted on Wednesday 17th August 2011

Published on Thursday 18th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 18th August 2012

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Introduce a variable motorway speed limit

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When road and weather conditions are appropriate, travelling at up to 90mph or more on the motorway can be perfectly safe. Yet in poor conditions 70mph can be unsafe. We already have overhead gantries with electronic signs that display advisory limits. The Government should legislate to provide for variable mandatory motorway speed limits of up to 90mph (or such other speed as Ministers consider appropriate). The speed limit could then be varied for individual stretches of motorway according to prevailing road, weather and traffic conditions. Doing so will allow us, when conditions are good, to take advantage of the considerable advances in vehicle performance and safety since the current limit was introduced in 1965. It will also encourage greater respect for the law, respect which has been eroded by the attempted enforcement of a limit that is often inappropriately low.

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