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Replace Public Sector with Computers/Smartphone App

Submitted on Wednesday 17th August 2011

Published on Monday 5th September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Monday 5th March 2012

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Replace Public Sector with Computers/Smartphone App

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Much of the public sector could be replaced with web pages or a smartphone app.. Also, teachers could be replaced by high-quality, high-production, interactive video lessons:: (1. every pupil gets the same high quality teacher; 2. every pupil has to answer every question; 3. 'class clowns' no longer exist [classes no longer exist!]; 4. each student can advance according to their own abilities; 5. adults can use the lessons to top up their skills (improved job centres). [I personally feel 'adult schools' would be a very good thing to have regardless]; 6. some teachers are retained as 'learning coaches'/exam markers)... A much smaller public sector might be a painful transition, but could lead to vast savings, which can be spent on:: (1. decreased taxes (which in turn will stimulate business/make UK more attractive/improve citizen spending power); 2. remove the deficit; 3. invest in proper infrastructure projects/etc
- improved market confidence). ‘New lines’ = BETTER PETITION LAYOUTS!

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