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Stop the unjustified Train fare increases

Submitted on Thursday 18th August 2011

Published on Thursday 18th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 18th August 2012

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Stop the unjustified Train fare increases

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As the hard-working commuters around the country get squeezed more and more with higher taxes, high inflation, higher gas and energy prices - the train companies have now announced massive increases in train fares of 8-13% per annum.

Will the train service be 8-13% better? No.

Will the trains be 8-13% less crowded? No.

Will the punctuality improve by 8-13%? No.

What are we actually getting from these rises? What do we ever get from these annual rises? Nothing.

Wages are not increasing at the rate of inflation, they aren't increasing at all. Trains fares absolutely should not increase above the rate of inflation and should not increase at all.
We want the government to debate in the houses to consider not allowing these rises to occur, rather than unilaterally forcing this upon us.
We will not riot - but we will do the next best thing - petition.

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