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Change the structure of each petition.

Submitted on Thursday 18th August 2011

Published on Thursday 18th August 2011

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Closed: Saturday 18th August 2012

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Change the structure of each petition.

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There are many duplicates of each petition and whilst some are removed, some are kept because they differ slightly.

Why not consolidate all similar ones into a voting format. To take a simple example, the motorway speed limit. I have seen several petitions proposing to raise the speed limit but each petition chooses a different limit.

The petition should be 'to change the UK speed limit' and then each petitioner would be able to choose what they want it raised to by selecting from a set of predetermined choices.

You should also be able to disagee and suggest retaining or lowering it.

Statistical analysis would then be able to tell the government what proportion of people wanted a change and what the largest proportion of people wanted it changed to. It would also allow people to suggest further modifications to the petition which could be voted on.

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