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Stop Government censorship of Epetition systems

Submitted on Thursday 18th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: irrelevant (see below for details)

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Stop Government censorship of Epetition systems

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Yesterday I wrote an Epetition regarding National Insurance and benefit payments. My petition was fair stating that our contributions should reflect what we receive. It was rejected. So I went away and re-worded it and made it more concise. I searched the other petitions and found that while there were calls to abolish it or merge it with income tax there were none that just wanted it to be kept but made sure we receive what we pay. So it wasn't a duplicate. But it got rejected again saying it was. There is obviously censorship in place. For Epetitions to work it has to be handed to an independant body of intelligent, trustworthy people not other government employees.

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This petition was rejected

The Government e-Petitions Team gave the following reason:

The Government will not enter into correspondence on rejected e-petitions.

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