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Submitted on Thursday 18th August 2011

Published on Friday 19th August 2011

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Closed: Sunday 19th August 2012

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Alcoholism and reckless binge drinking are a major cause of anti-social behaviour and are a drain on not only Police but on precious NHS resources across the Country as well.NO to increasing alcohol duty. NO to preventing Supermarkets offering alcohol at reduced prices.NO to limiting the hours during which alcohol is sold and NO to indiscriminate punishment of the many to control the irresponibility of the few. SAY YES to the Government debating the need for an alcohol licence to work like a driving licence!!

Penalties for drink related incidents attract points. 12 points-you lose your licence for a period of time,face fines and/or other sanctions.It will also serve to identify those with potential alcohol abuse issues, those who might benefit from intervention and address issues before they climax. Proposal:Government to impliment a licence system to ensure that abusers of the system are picked out and punished.

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