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'Media-for-a-better-society' tax

Submitted on Saturday 20th August 2011

Published on Monday 22nd August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 22nd August 2012

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Media ~ Sport ~ Tax

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'Media-for-a-better-society' tax

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Reality shows such as X-factor, Big Brother and other programmes either trivialising real life or creating false expectations, as well as their viewers, should compensate and pay back to society for jeopardising the fabric of the very same. Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport should index media programmes according to their value to society and make the usage and consumption taxable according to this index, e.g. the more 'rubbish' the show creates the more tax should be demanded. The moneys raised should be ringfenced either for educational media or communal, real-life-relevant projects.

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