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Reverse The UK's Pro-Israel/Anti-Palestinian Stance

Submitted on Sunday 21st August 2011

Published on Thursday 25th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 25th August 2012

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Reverse The UK's Pro-Israel/Anti-Palestinian Stance

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The UK has long adopted a pro-Israel stance when dealing with the Israel-Palestine conflict. Such a stance has resulted in the implementation of policies which are inherently anti-Palestinian.

We believe this stance should be reversed so that a long-term peaceful solution is more realistic.

We are not advocating anti-Semitism, but humbly requesting that our leaders, Ministers and political parties are completely impartial when dealing with the conflict.

The existence of a pro-Israel lobby in the UK is undeniable.

In December 2007 a group of British academics and physicians wrote a letter to the Committee on Standards in Public Life, claiming that the "Israel Lobby" - and specifically Friends of Israel - has "embedded itself in the British political establishment and at the very heart of government. Its stated purpose is to promote Israel’s interests in our Parliament and sway British policy." They charged that British MPs are "eating out of the Israeli government’s hand".

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