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Turkey and Iran attacks on Iraqi Kurds to be Denounced

Submitted on Monday 22nd August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Turkey and Iran attacks on Iraqi Kurds to be Denounced

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HM Government to condemn Turkish and Iranian crimes in Iraqi Kurdistan, urge the United Nations, the International Tribunal, and the NATO to condemn those humanitarian crimes, and to press upon Turkey and Iran to end bombing Iraqi Kurdistan, and recognise the political rights of, rather than to exterminate, the Kurdish community within their territories.
Turkey and Iran repeatedly launch operations on territories of Iraqi Kurdistan where civilians and defenceless villagers alongside their villages, orchards, farms and cattle are often targeted. Thus, Turkey and Iran not only attack the territories of the sovereign state of Iraq and stand against the international norms, but also bring about a humanitarian catastrophe inside the territories of Iraqi Kurdistan Region in front of the eyes of the international community.

For the shocking images of the civilian victims of Turkey’s air strike of 21st August 2011, please visit:


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