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Bring back the bank the people can trust

Submitted on Monday 22nd August 2011

Published on Thursday 1st September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 1st September 2012

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Bring back the bank the people can trust

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The Trustee Savings Bank (later TSB Bank) was founded by the Rev Henry Duncan to serve the needs of his poor parishioners in 1810. For the majority of its life the bank was regulated by the Government, until it was privatised in 1986.
The very name of the bank enshrines trust. It was a bank at the very heart of the community, it was a bank that was there for the people not to make billions for share holders.
After the recent behaviors of some banks, the people need a bank they can trust in. Lloyds Banking Group must sell 600+ branches as pay back for the huge bail out we tax payers allowed it, to survive.
Now its payback time, please show your support for us to have a secure, caring, trustworthy bank we can all invest in and who we the people can mold through trustees and not share holders.
We the people have the power to create a bank that is big, caring and most importantly secure, we the people must get our Government to make this happen.

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