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Don't implement any of the new EU Motorbike Legisilation

Submitted on Monday 22nd August 2011

Published on Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 23rd August 2012

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Don't implement any of the new EU Motorbike Legisilation

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The EU will soon vote on new motorbike legislation which includes compulsory ABS, Anti-Tampering, Bikes older than 7 years banned form urban areas, Hi Vis etc.

All of these legislations infringe on our human rights as a motorbike rider, we don't see car drivers being banned from urban areas in cars older than 7 years.

All of the new legislations have been thought up by politicians who know nothing of riding a motorbike.

I for one am sick of motorbikes being blamed for all the problems when a lot of the time, it is the car driver at fault and yet we are the ones being punished.

So i call if this new legislation is put into effect that the UK government stands against implementing this and stands up for it's countries rights and riders.

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