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The Police should be given more powers

Submitted on Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Published on Wednesday 24th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 24th August 2012

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The Police should be given more powers

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Many people are quick to argue that the police are not doing enough for the public or the comunity, but they are so restricted on their actions.The police should be given the right to more powers,and the recent riots are a good example of why this needs to be done. If they do anything to anyone then the whole human rights act kicks into place and it's ridiculous,they need to be protected on the streets as well as trying to protect us. There are many EU countries who have been granted this, which allows them to not have to tolerate such behaviour and disrespect. The Human rights have gone too far, and now it is time for the Police to be able to use their batons in situations when they are needed, and they should have the right to carry guns with them at all times, even if the guns are loaded with rubber bullets.
Once an individual breaks the Law, they will then lose their rights and then the police are able to retaliate in the way in which is needed.

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