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Build more Social Housing

Submitted on Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Published on Wednesday 31st August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 31st August 2012

Signatures: 12

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Build more Social Housing

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We currently have a situation with hundreds of thousands of people on waiting lists. Since the premiership of Mrs Thatcher, tenants have had to right to buy. It is my understanding that the proceeds of the sales were 'locked away' and these funds should be released to improve the housing situation in this country. One would hope that this measure would stablise the private market. Also this would create demand for household consumables, more jobs!!

If we can afford to spend 2.5 billion pounds a year on the war in Afghanistan, surely we can build more houses.

With the devisions in society becoming greater, and more people being expected to work for the min. wage, it is reasonable to suggest that more be done.

I would urge you to sign !

Thank you

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