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Teach Central Heating & Thermostats in Schools

Submitted on Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Published on Wednesday 7th September 2011

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Closed: Wednesday 7th March 2012

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Teach Central Heating & Thermostats in Schools

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Many members of the UK fail to understand the basics of how central heating works. There is a common misunderstanding that 'turning it higher' speeds up the heating process. We need to teach the theory of central heating and thermostats in schools as this will drastically reduce the UK's energy consumption.

Gone will be the days where people think that turning up their thermostats will make their houses heat up faster. We should be welcoming the teaching of 'Central Heating In Schools' (CHIS) so that future generations are aware that all they need to do is set a temperature and the heating system keeps it t that temperature.

Think of the massive savings in energy consumption. Think of the children.

Smart teachers teach CHIS!

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