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Repatriation of all Libyan asylum seekers

Submitted on Wednesday 24th August 2011

Published on Friday 26th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 26th August 2012

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Repatriation of all Libyan asylum seekers

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Now that the previous Libyan regime has been replaced and the new regime acknowledged by HMG, the petitioners request that the Home Office and UKBA reviews the status of all Libyans given exception right to remain in the UK because of the risk to them of danger and persecution (by the former regime). Per se, they no longer have any risk of persecution and therefore no right to remain as asylum seekers. The only asylum seekers for now onwards will be Qaddafi supporters, who should immediately be repatriated as undesirables and subject to due legal process in Libya, given that HMG has given its full support to the new government

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