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GAME is monopolising the retail games market in the UK

Submitted on Thursday 25th August 2011

Published on Tuesday 30th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 30th August 2012

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GAME is monopolising the retail games market in the UK

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GAME is often the only brick and mortar games store on the high street. GAME own the major competition from previous years including the Electronics Boutique merger and the buyouts of Gamestation and Gameplay. They are now in a position to blackmail publishers into withholding their products from the popular distribution service, Steam as claimed here:


The most recent example is the absence of the Warhammer 40k: Space Marines demo from the Steam store for UK users. Other examples, all relating to the Steam store, include the erratic listing of Brink and the delay of Metro 2033 on Steam. I ask the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to review GAME's monopolistic position in the retail market and investigate these claims of blackmail against publishers that lead to the delay of games being listed on online distribution services, Steam in particular.

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