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Stony Stratford Smoking Ban . Support Better Health

Submitted on Friday 26th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Stony Stratford Smoking Ban . Support Better Health

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Public smoking encourages smoking, It prevents social evenings out and can be a danger to babies in pushchairs, asthma and similar sufferers. It costs billions to treat. Most people die from it if affected. Gov't needs to encourage smoking bans and make it easier to ban.

Non smokers do not affect others, a smoker does. It's difficult to walk past a group of smokers on streets all puffing away.

Smokers say 'cross the street'. What if there is a smoker there, too? Does one walk in the middle of the street. What happens in pedestrian areas?

In Stony Stratford no business or pub has closed due to existing legislation. A smoke free environment would encourage families to visit..
Rain has a big impact on outdoor public smoking, far more than a smoking ban. 80,000 die each year in the UK from smoking related diseases. Others get wrinkles etc.

Smoking equals avoidable deaths and bed blocks. Stony costs 26K pa to just clean High St, It costs 23k for a policeman.

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