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free solar panels for all by taxing energy companys

Submitted on Sunday 28th August 2011

Published on Wednesday 7th September 2011

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Closed: Friday 7th September 2012

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free solar panels for all by taxing energy companys

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i would like to propose that we levey a social tax on the energy companys, it will work like this:

1. A Tax of 20% on all profits over £100million pounds.

2. This money is then use to buy and install solar panels in people houses starting with Pensioners and the Disabled then every other house hold based on income.

3. This will be run by a non for profit charity and only use british technology, to help grow our manufacturing sector and supply jobs,

4. This allows all the money collected to go to people who need it.

5. This would eliminate fuel poverty, make us more green as a nation, move us more towards sustainability and less reliant on the power companys who make huge profits from us.

6. finally leave us with more disposable income to spend and this will create more jobs for people.

7, A 20% tax would allow 30,000 homes a year to be converted and create 2000 new jobs and apprentices for young people


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