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Severely restrict the amount of money that migrant workers are allowed to send "home"

Submitted on Monday 29th August 2011

Published on Wednesday 7th September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 7th September 2012

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Severely restrict the amount of money that migrant workers are allowed to send "home"

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Many migrant workers come here purely to send money back to their home country, often another EU country. This means that our economy suffers as they spend less money in this country, which has a knock on effect in their local (British) economy. For this reason, some other countries ban money being taken out of their country, and I have found myself buying souvenirs in airports, and giving wads of Rupees to airport cleaners. If we adopted a similar approach, more money would be spent in local economies, and some potential migrant workers would stay away from the UK which would enable the government to force the work shy off benefits and into work. They would not send their wages overseas.

We call on the government to introduce a percentage cap on wages that migrant workers can send "home" and deduct it from the pay packet just like taxes, Student Loan repayments etc, and pay it directly into a nominated overseas bank account, charging a compulsory fee to do so.

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