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Make Insulin Pumps more readily Available

Submitted on Tuesday 30th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Make Insulin Pumps more readily Available

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My daughter is 9 and stuggles to cope with Type1 Diabetes, she relies on 4 Insulin Injections daily and finds this stressful, she is often angry and sad, and this has meant huge adjustments to her life, diet, freedom and wellbeing. Her blood glucose levels are often erratic and this means potential health problems. We were told recently that a Insulin Pump would be hugely beneficial, maintaining BG levels, meaning no Injections and meaning greater independence and freedom from the restraints of Diabetes. Exercise and diet would be more manageable. Local Nurses are fantastic and we realise they do all they can given their time restraints etc. This is not an attack on local Health care but more about highlighting the need to make Pumps more readily available and this includes not just my daughter but all affected by the Chronic long term health condition Diabetes.

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