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Petition for Newspapers and TV stations to name their sources

Submitted on Tuesday 30th August 2011

Published on Wednesday 31st August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 31st August 2012

Signatures: 2

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Petition for Newspapers and TV stations to name their sources

Additional Information

This petition has been made simply to allow the public to know the sources media companies and in particularly news companies (such as news websites, newspapers and televised news broadcasts) get their information from.
This happens in other societies but not in the UK.
A journalist can report any information and give no more information other than "A source said..."
Disclosing the source of information published would make reporting far more trustworthy and much fairer to the public while allowing accountability for any information printed.
The public deserve trustworthy news and disclosure of source would allow this.
People should be held accountable for the information they disclose.

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