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Remove anti-British male sections of 2010 Equality act.

Submitted on Thursday 4th August 2011

Published on Wednesday 17th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 17th August 2012

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Remove anti-British male sections of 2010 Equality act.

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The 2010 Equalities act Sections 158 and 159
make it legal for employers to discriminate against
British males in favour of female and ethnic minority
candidates solely on the grounds of their gender and/or ethnicity.

Legalized discrimination in the workplace is divisive and absurd.

Choosing applicants because of their ethnicity or gender patronises and mocks both the merit and subsequent achievement of the applicants.

It will also lead to resentment amongst those whom it is to discriminate against and instil the perception that female and ethic minority candidates can only be successful because of this legalized discrimination.

Naming such a blatant discriminatory practise 'equality' is an insult to the intelligence, ambition and dignity of the people of Britain. It was sought to fulfil the pseudo-Marxist social engineering schemes of the previous labour government and has no support amongst the British people.

Remove this absurdity from British law.

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