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Estate agent restrictions

Submitted on Wednesday 31st August 2011

Published on Friday 2nd September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 2nd September 2012

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Estate agent restrictions

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Banks were blamed for the recession but estate agents were worse. When we have disposable income they encourage us to increase selling prices & in times of shortage, the only option for buyers is to pay. Banks colluded to provide maximum mortgage; beyond affordable!
The incentive to pay more must be removed. Estate agents should work for a fixed fee restricted to a sensible amount for the work involved.
This should be set by government so that encouraging a seller to ‘put on another few thousand’ would only benefit the seller.
Because they work on a percentage, it is in their interest to increase beyond reason.
Alternatively, or also, relate the loan to the main earner’s salary like it used to be at 2.5 times.
Maybe if house prices followed inflation more people could afford them. What chance do young people have now? Don’t let estate agents ruin the country again.

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