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Not to waste your vote...!!!

Submitted on Wednesday 31st August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Not to waste your vote...!!!

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Basically,, when you are in the frame of mind where you believe M.P's,, whatever colour,, brings to mind the picture of a ""Horses Arse...!!""
You feel the choices cannot be trusted, you have no choice but to spoil your voting slip and your opinion of all the candidates is not represented in any way.....!!
This can be solved simply by giving the choice of,,
""Non Of The Above...!!"" on the voting slip

when their is two main parties and one that will betray everything they believe in...( No tuition fee's,, Major clamp down on tax dodger's,, tax increace for the richest in this country who has increaced their wealth through every year of a labour government...!!)
When you have these choices and you do not want to waste it on a person in need of psychiatric assistance who just happens to be running for ""UKIP""
I would imagine you will want to at least,, make a comment on politics today,, reading out " Non of the above"" I think can make an impression....!!!!

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