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Creation of Corp of Defence Purchasing within the MOD

Submitted on Thursday 1st September 2011

Published on Thursday 1st September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 1st September 2012

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Creation of Corp of Defence Purchasing within the MOD

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This petition calls for the creation of body of service personnel who have served in one of the armed services for a minimum of 5 years, who could, after careful selection and training go into a combined services corp of defence purchasing. Tours within this corp would be for a minimum of 6 years, as this would ensure that skills would be improved upon, purchasing and tenders would handled far more effectively, and cost efficiencies would be gained as there would be a considerable reduction of staff turnover due to the length of tours in the MOD by personnel who do not necessarily have enough training and supply chain knowledge to do this role as well as it could be. It would also reduce training costs as personnel would have a longer tour, and the amount of time it takes to purchase equipment would be reduced. It is also envisaged that the overall number of personnel doing this role would be reduced to a level more akin to those of the Israeli armed forces.

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