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Royal Mail processing other companies mail

Submitted on Friday 2nd September 2011

Published on Monday 19th December 2011

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Closed: Wednesday 19th December 2012

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Royal Mail processing other companies mail

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Currently Royal Mail are under orders for them postal regulator to process and deliver mail from companies like DHL, UK MAIL, TNT and CITIPOST.

These are the same companies that the government allowed to "cherry pick" mail from the Royal Mail, this has caused Royal Mail to be forced to close post offices across the country, and also to scrap services like the "postbus" which was a lifeline for people who had trouble getting into their local town.

I think that if these other companies are allowed to take work from Royal Mail the they should be forced to process and deliver it themselves, and not dump it on Royal Mail to do the job.

How many TNT,DHL,CITIPOST, or UKMAIL postmen have you seen delivering letters? you don't because the mail STILL goes through Royal Mail who are making a LOSS on each letter that comes from the other companies, even though they are still expected to process and deliver it, lets stop this injustice now

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