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End the media attack upon benefit claimants

Submitted on Saturday 3rd September 2011

Published on Monday 5th September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Monday 5th March 2012

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End the media attack upon benefit claimants

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We the undersigned petition our Government and the house, to urge the immeadiate action be taken to ending the media attack upon benefit claimants by useing derogatory phrases and words such as scrounger/lazy/fake/ work shy etc.
These open media attacks are an attack against every single individual claimant be they disabled, sick, a carer, unemployed or between jobs, the majority of whom are genuine claimants. We feel the allergations with in the press and media against claimants constitute hate crime within Human rights, been levelled at those, who, through circumstances mostly beyond their control and of no fault of their own, find themselves claiming state benefits. These attacks with in the press and media also result in the promotion of the same abuse reiterated by ignorant thugs with in society and our communities, thus erroding trust and community inclusion, and causing increases in hate crimes,

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