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consolidate exam boards into one government department

Submitted on Thursday 4th August 2011

Published on Monday 15th August 2011

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Closed: Wednesday 15th August 2012

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consolidate exam boards into one government department

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Our once-great public education system has been devalued by the diminution of awarded grade values. This is the result of market forces operating on the three main companies responsible for the creation of subject specifications and marking. Schools have been selecting those exam boards that offer the easiest specs and most generous grades, progressively, for twenty years, aided by the political motives of the Labour government, who used the increasing exam pass rates as a crowd pleaser.
Our youngsters have come to adopt high academic ambitions, due to impressive-sounding grades, while gaining very little benefit from watered-down programs of study. In addition, recently, other countries have come to recognise this has happened, and are losing respect for our education system.

The simplest solution is to remove the influence of market forces from our examination system. I propose that subject specs and testing be moved to a dedicated central government department.

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