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DNA and Record Destruction

Submitted on Friday 29th July 2011

Published on Monday 8th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 8th August 2012

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DNA and Record Destruction

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DNA samples, finger-printing, photographing, PNC databases and all other similar personal records should no longer be taken as a matter of course, but only for serious crimes and when there is a strong and justifiable need to do so.

There needs to a be firm return to the principle that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. Retention of any piece of data cannot be justified by 'potential' use or 'possible' threat or need. Either someone is innocent or they are guilty - but only a UK court should have the power to decide which.

Individuals who are found 'Not guilty' in a UK court should have the right to have all records and samples (of any type or form) destroyed in their entirety and it should be a criminal offence for this right to be withheld or ignored.

The Freedom Bill promised this right but it is being greatly diluted with exceptions and compromises. There must be no exceptions or exclusions - it should be a black or white situation - Innocent or Guilty.

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