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European Sovereignty Act

Submitted on Thursday 4th August 2011

Published on Friday 5th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 5th August 2012

Signatures: 133

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European Sovereignty Act

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Month on month, the European Union imposes laws on the British people that they did not consent to. From forcing us to wear an EU logo on football shirts, to allowing prisoners to vote, the EU continues to impose laws on us that we did not vote for. The EU is as democratic as China: its parliament may be elected, but its president is not. Even if it is democratic in some way, the whole of the UK could vote against something, but if the rest of the EU countries vote for it, then it doesn't matter. A country's laws MUST reflect its own people, and many EU laws do not reflect UK opinion.

Many world leaders speak of a "New World Order", a one-world government. We believe that's what the EU is already becoming, sapping away control of our own laws.

We, the undersigned, petition the UK government to fight the EU to adopt a 'sovereignty act' to protect world democracy, an act that would allow any member state to opt out of any EU law if it or its people disagrees with it.

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