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Jeremy Clarkson for FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Submitted on Friday 2nd December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Jeremy Clarkson for FREEDOM OF SPEECH

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How has OUR country got to the point where a aging balding man with no power, little influence makes his point using his own style of humour is reacted to in such a serious manner with the comment: “Strikers to be taken out & shot”. Anyone with the least bit of intelligence cannot take the comment seriously, we have seen on TV a man take his last breath/paedophiles/rapists/murderers etc yet some people think it is wrong when someone voices their opinion whether using humour or not. COME ON BRITAIN WHATS HAPPENING TO US. If we do nothing the LACK of freedom of speech within the media will spill into the streets, we need this petition in parliament so the government can see PEOPLE want freedom of speech in the media/streets. FREEDOM OF SPEECH will eventually not exist because the powers to be are jeopardising this with all their rules i.e. you can’t say “X” because of this law and you can’t say “X” because of that law. How long/far are YOU prepared to let them mute your voice?!

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