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Restore Iranian Embassy to UK

Submitted on Friday 2nd December 2011

Published on Tuesday 6th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 6th June 2012

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Restore Iranian Embassy to UK

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The Iranian government did not damage the British Embassy in Tehran. It was Iranian citizens, enraged by decades of repressive sanctions and threats of military strikes by Israel. Theories that Tehran incited the mob are negated by Iran's constant attempts to negotiate, thwarted by unreasonable pre-conditions.
Tehran deployed dozens of riot police to save the Embassy but were overwhelmed by an explosion of pent-up hostility to extra UK-supported financial and other restrictions. Tehran has apologised for the damage.
You virulently supported demonstrations in Libya. Withdrawing diplomats and curbing finances and trade denies Iran’s democratic rights and exacerbates disputes between us. The UN Charter requires all diplomatic efforts before Mr Hague’s hasty action gave only 48 hours’ notice.
British people do not want another war. We protest most strongly.
We appeal to your sense of justice to restore full diplomatic relations with Iran.

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