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Suspend foreign aid to get our own house in order

Submitted on Friday 2nd December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Suspend foreign aid to get our own house in order

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In the current financial situation of our own country would it not be prudent to suspend aid until we sort our own finances. Our giving of aid is very controversial at a time when domestic priorities are constantly being cut.
UK doles out more aid than any other G8 country despite the savage cutbacks at home. We are told the British bill for foreign aid will be £8.7bn in 2011-2012, rising to more than £12bn in 2015
The Prime Minister announced plans to funnel £110million of taxpayers’ cash to Egypt, Tunisia and Middle Eastern countries over the next four years to develop democracy.
Government defends £1bn of aid to India with £280m a year and yet this nation spends £20bn a year on defense
Whilst I agree we should help the less fortunate surely we need first to secure our own position before we can guarantee consistent help to others. If our country goes bankrupt we will not be in a position to help.

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