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New builds adversely affecting existing residents should be stopped.

Submitted on Saturday 3rd December 2011

Published on Friday 9th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 9th December 2012

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New builds adversely affecting existing residents should be stopped.

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Developers are increasingly getting planning permissions to build high rise towers in existing residential estates which adversely affects the existing residents.

It causes a permanent damage to living conditions by

*Extreme Loss of light, Overshadowing, Visual amenity loss
* Overlooking/loss of privacy
* Traffic generation, Road access
*Noise and disturbance during the demolition and construction phases for residential units nearby
*Most of the times the Estate is not suitable for such massive development.

One such extreme example is Poplar business park redevelopment (Tower Hamlets PA/11/03375) where the applicant seems to have completely disregarded the nearby residents. This trend is seen in other parts as well where the location is in demand.

The government should instruct the councils to not grant planning permissions in such cases,

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