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Scotland Act Section 31 and the right to proper scrutiny

Submitted on Saturday 3rd December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Scotland Act Section 31 and the right to proper scrutiny

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I request a review and an account for the clearly incompetent, almost useless, content enabling section 31. It clearly dosen't contain enabling legislation to furfill its stated aim. The three sentences which are the sum content of Section 31 pertain to only a ceremonial excercise which relates to an excercise described within the text as "legislative competence" which is used to describe a process which could be crediblely done by a twelve year old. A process to determine if a bill is a devolved issue is not the whole purpose of section 31. My concern is clear. Where is the enabling legislation to allow MPs and MSPs to furfill their duty and code of conduct to scrutinise bills with regard to there statutory compliance and competance and compatibility.

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