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Policy against Syria and operation castlead

Submitted on Saturday 3rd December 2011

Published on Tuesday 6th December 2011

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Closed: Thursday 6th December 2012

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Policy against Syria and operation castlead

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As the death toll in Syria rises and a reported 300+ children have been claimed to have been killed in the unfolding of these events. so far. It is this claim which has seemly galvanised the Government to consider all options. Would the leader make a statement to parliament on the 1000+ reported deaths of children in Gaza during operation cast lead and explain the inconsistency to this unacceptable child death toll at the hands of the Israeli government and to indicate whether he appreciates the level of hypocrasy this creates in the minds of the British people. A nation which has many who view our policy to Syria and Iran as unfair in light of Israel's killing of children and acquiring nuclear weapons capability illegally, contrary to the Non-nuclear prolification Treaty. Only known to the world through the prosecution of Mr Vanunu. These clear inconsistences could be an agent for domestic reprisals and breakdown in social cohesion both here and abroad.

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