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Binge drinkers should pay for police and NHS time

Submitted on Sunday 4th December 2011

Published on Thursday 8th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 8th December 2012

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Binge drinkers should pay for police and NHS time

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Binge drinkers should pay for police and NHS time they incur, rather than the government trying to punish the majority of responsible drinkers with ever increasing duty on alcohol.

There is overwhelming evidence that binge drinking is not only costing the police and NHS a huge amount of time and energy, but also the millions and millions of pounds it costs to clear up the trail of devastation they leave behind and future cost to the NHS in the years to come due to continuous abuse by binge drinking.

The government should now put in place and charge the total cost of police time and NHS time [including the number of doctors, nurses and medications used] and pass this onto the person(s) concerned. Stop punishing the majority and letting the minority get off virtually Scott free.

Please vote to save our NHS

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