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Consumer Contract Equality

Submitted on Sunday 4th December 2011

Published on Monday 5th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 5th December 2012

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Consumer Contract Equality

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As consumers we all know that when signing a contract the company we are purchasing services from include enough terms and conditions to ensure they can legally make changes to that contract at any time and force a consumer to remain in the contract. I believe the government should impose legislation that addresses this severe power imbalance and instead ensures that when a consumer signs a contract, that for the length of time that that contract is held, the conditions remain the same. Additionally; both parties must agree to a change in the contract if a change is desired. If both parties cannot agree to a change then there must be a penalty free option for consumers to withdraw from the contract prior to the intended change or a minimum notice period of 1 month given by the service provider to end the contract. Legislation must also be introduced to prevent the abuse of this system, especially the wilful withdrawal of a contract in order to sell the consumer a new one.

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