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should hitting and killing of cats be made reportable as with dogs

Submitted on Sunday 4th December 2011

Published on Tuesday 6th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 6th June 2012

Signatures: 16

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should hitting and killing of cats be made reportable as with dogs

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My pet cat was killed on a private drive by a taxi driver, but he doesn't need to be reported as with dogs. I feel this should be changed for the following reasons.
When we decide on a pet cat then we have to consider all the same things as with dogs. These being can I afford one, what breed, what sex. When that is all decided we then purchase the cat along with all the food, litter and toys. When the cat is old enough we have them vaccinated, neutered & microchipped. All the same as dogs. They become another member of the family. Same as a dog. When someone kills a cat they can just drive away without a second thought. Kill a dog & you have to report it. I strongly feel killing and maiming of boh cats & dogs should be reportable. If you agree please sign this petition

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