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make top pay no more than 100 time bottom pay in company

Submitted on Monday 5th December 2011

Published on Tuesday 6th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 6th December 2012

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make top pay no more than 100 time bottom pay in company

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make it in a companies interest to cap there top pay (including bonuses ect) to 100 times the lowest pay worker ( even part time and agency workers) ie lowest worker £12650 min wage would mean top wage £1265000 per year it company follows it gets a say 0.5-1% tax discount if it makes things over seas then it must use same calculation in that countrys business or face higher import duty even more it highest payed workers in any country must be linked as well 50-80 times if they do not sign up or hide pay then higher tax must be paid

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