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Ban Self-Service in Supermarkets and Banks

Submitted on Tuesday 6th December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: irrelevant (see below for details)

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Ban Self-Service in Supermarkets and Banks

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This petition wants the government to ban supermarkets and banks located within England and Wales (and preferably the UK as a whole) from offering 'Self-Service' solutions within their stores and branches. The reasoning behind the ban is to ensure that these large businesses provide as many jobs to local people as is feasible. With a UK wide ban on self-service checkouts and self-service banking instore and inbranch there would be no business with an unfair business advantage and the extra jobs would help our economy grow while at the same time creating more jobs for people on a local level.

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This petition was rejected

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