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At last a Solution to our debt problems

Submitted on Tuesday 6th December 2011

Published on Wednesday 7th December 2011

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Closed: Friday 7th December 2012

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At last a Solution to our debt problems

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The country is in a financial mess, largely resulting from the housing boom of the last 30 years and us living well beyond our means. Since the many are sitting on vast profits from the booming housing market isn’t it fair that some of this wealth is directed at reducing the impact we're putting on future generations?

Remember the young played no part in getting us where we are today. Unless we take positive action they will be saddled with debt for decades.

Simple answer – extend capital gains tax to all profits made on the sale of property. This would bring in significant sums of money which if ring fenced could go towards:-

• the education of the young – reducing University fees
• building affordable housing
• paying off long term government debt

Not only will this benefit the next generations but will also stop escalating house prices which is making the most modest home unaffordable to the vast majority.

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