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The obsession with a 'twin Earth'

Submitted on Wednesday 7th December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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The obsession with a 'twin Earth'

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A new earth has been found, and if we continue searching where we cant go, then it willDiscovery of an "Earth-like" planet has generated a wave of excitement, but our fascination with finding other habitable worlds goes back a long way, argues science fiction writer Robert J Sawyer.

But what we really want is familiar new worlds - worlds like good old mother Earth, worlds where we might find "new life and new civilisations."

The notion that "Earth-like" worlds might be abodes of life goes right back to the dawn of science fiction. In HG Wells's 1898 masterpiece The War of the Worlds, Mars is an older world than Earth that has been dying over time.

I dont believe we should look further than 100 Million light years, at least until our technoligy develops. It's causing to much hastle and if we do find Extraterrestrial life, the world would panic and it would turn to chaos. Thanks you for reading.

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