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Improve UK Broadband Pricing and Availability

Submitted on Wednesday 7th December 2011

Published on Thursday 8th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 8th December 2012

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Improve UK Broadband Pricing and Availability

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Broadband pricing in the UK is extremely unjustified in most, if not all instances. The majority of people are never provided with the speed and reliability they are promised, the so called "up to" speeds promised are received by less than 40% of the population. The government should force broadband providers to sell broadband based on what the customer will receive, so people receiving a high speed pay more than a person receiving a lower speed, due the the amount of areas in the UK where customers are not capable of receiving high speeds due to poor investment by broadband providers in their location, a capped price based on what the customer actually received would provide incentive for the providers to invest in infrastructure in local areas to provide higher speeds and improve the overall quality of broadband connectivity in the UK.
Its time to start getting the services we pay for and for the government to correctly regulate the UK's broadband services.

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