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Dis-allow reference to former governments in PMQ's

Submitted on Thursday 8th December 2011

Published on Monday 12th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Tuesday 12th June 2012

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Dis-allow reference to former governments in PMQ's

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Prime Ministers Questions currently have no appeal to the public. I have watched them since the current government has come in to power and the only thing I hear is the coalition blame labour or the EU for all the problems.

If they didn't want to deal with these issues then they shouldn't have wanted to get into office.

Prime Ministers questions currently has no purpose or relevance to the current electorate. Something needs to be put in place to stop politicians from avoiding questions that we want answered.

Using the same old tactic of "Your government did this" or "Your government did that" and even "The world is the problem" simply doesn't cut it any more, things are far more serious than they have been for a long time and we want answers!

An easy way to fix it would be to not allow any reference to former governments in current PMQ's stopping the "blame game" from going on and some straight answers being had.

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