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Bank charges and the trickery with pending bank balances

Submitted on Thursday 8th December 2011

Published on Tuesday 13th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 13th December 2012

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Bank charges and the trickery with pending bank balances

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There's a problem with banks and pending balances because then you take money out of your account which either the ATM machines or your online account say you've got enough in your account, BUT you haven't. This is a trick that banks gets away with, the trick is, if you've got a direct debit going out, have taken some money out at the ATM machine or paid for things on your card, the balance DOESN'T show payments that are pending. So you take money out thinking that you've got that amount left in there, but half of your money might be pending payment. This results in bank charges. Rich people who can afford anything or most things and have enough money to pay for everything they need and still have money left in their account won't suffer from this problem, but poor people like me who need every penny, still always suffer this problem. The governments need to make banks show customer's ACTUAL balance when payments are pending and not including balances that have payments pending.

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