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Recognising the needs of Young Carers

Submitted on Friday 9th December 2011

Published on Monday 12th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 12th December 2012

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Recognising the needs of Young Carers

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Secure long term funding for Care for Carers(-young carers branch) to support all schools in managing needs of young carers ,crucial to prevent long term social exclusion of this vulnerable of children and young adults group
Make a young carers policy statutory in every school so their needs can be met and identified and their life chances arent comprimised by their caring role ,which they currently are .Their needs are not currently identified in safeguarding policies-they have very specific health,emotional and social needs which need to be specified for all educationalists to see and understand.
Ensure that Young Carers(16 plus) are eligible for a carers allowance whilst completing their full time college education-they still do the caring but are currently penalised for trying to improve their chances by studying at college in the same way as their peers. Thats unacceptable and is then continuing to marginise a vulnerable group .

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